What exactly is the Garbage Fyre Fest?

Garbage Fyre Fest is the nickname that thousands of pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, pro-sanity citizens have given to the WEEK-LONG invasion of Milwaukee and Madison by the anti-abortion, homophobic hate group Operation Save America (OSA). The nickname is a cheeky nod to the infamously failed, ridiculous Fyre Festival.

Along with partners from across Wisconsin and groups from all over the country (many of whom have faced OSA in their own communities), Abortion Access Front (AAF) is rallying MKE and Madison to let OSA know that their violence and hate are not welcome in Wisconsin. We are the garbage fyre fighters. Garbage Fyre Fighters will confront OSA’s extremist agenda with a week of counter-protests and fun community events to galvanize the community in support of abortion rights and access.

Who is Operation Save America?

OSA is known as one of the most extreme hate groups in America. OSA is a radical organization that travels from state to state, city to city, terrorizing communities, calling for dangerous actions against abortion providers, people who have abortions, LGBTQ folks, immigrants, and Muslims. Each July, OSA chooses a different city to spend a week disrupting with their messages of intolerance and bigotry.

OSA isn’t fringe—they are influencing legislation! These are the people influencing policy like anti-trans bathroom bills, anti-Sharia law bills, and the abortion bans in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Missouri. They help create this legislation and are instrumental in getting backwards-ass politicians elected.

Two of OSA’s top leaders live in Milwaukee. And they have looked at the WI state legislature and see an opportunity to turn Wisconsin into Handmaidspalooza. This is not a drill!

How can I become a garbage fyre fighter?

Join us for a week of irreverent counter-protests and fun community events (burlesque! comedy!) in Milwaukee and Madison to unite Wisconsin against these domestic terrorists. Hit the streets with us to let OSA know loud and clear: THESE ARE NOT WISCONSIN VALUES!

And connect with (and donate to!) our local WI partners to get involved in the fight for abortion access after the Garbage Fyre Fest has left town. There’s going to be a lot more garbage to fight down the road, and these local organizations need YOU to join the fight!

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